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Im Aneshul Athiya From Sri Lanka,22 yesrs old..After complete My Advance Level Studies,I begin to study Ribbon Embroidery,Brazilian Embroidery,StumpWork,all other kind of Embroidery. still im a Leaner of this Industry!i have done some Ribbon Embroidery Frames,Wall Hangers,Embroidery Dresses,Cushion covers,pillows,etc.

And also im so keen to learn quilling works.first i beging to learn from Television,Craft Magazines,as well as from through internet.nowadays i just begging to do some Quilling creations!

All this Creations done by using Tooth pick! ( without any Quilling Tools)

My inspiration is to be a Designer of all kind of Handmade things!i hope to give this knowledge to those who are interest on this field.Thank for visiting My Blog!

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About me