Hand Embroidery


This Flower made using multicolor,Stranded cotton thread.for leaves are made out of Olive green Color Stranded cotton thread.
                            Brazilian Embroidery Red Rose
This rose also made using  Stranded cotton thread.On the middle of it i used bullion stitch and used Caston stitch into the flower  petals .
                                A Embroidery wall frame 
This scenery background painted on the fabric. On it work by Brazilian Embroidery, stupwork, and combined with Ribbon Embroidery .

                              A Ribbon Embroidery Rose
This Flower is made by using loop stitch. i have used two color Ribbons. for leaves i used leaf stitch using Stranded cotton thread.
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            Letters in Ribbon Embroidery ( Letter Z )                                              
      i love this Embroidery.. i made this to one of  my friend. This is my first Embroidery Alphabets. 

Letter R 

Letter B